In 2014 an ex-military group from the U.S attempted to bring $30 million in gold coins across the Canadian border. The Canada Border Services Agency sent the CSOR (Canadian Special Operations Regiment) to intercept the smugglers. The ex-military group vanished before they could be apprehended, thus earning the nickname Casper9. It is believed that several groups assisted the group by transporting and stashing the gold coins along the BC border. These FRINGE FIGHTERS are slowly funneling the gold coins across the border near the territory know as the PEACE ARCH. Casper9 is facilitating the transfers while executing anyone who attempts to stop them.



Will you fight for FORTUNE….or FEDERALISM?


The Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR) is a battalion-sized, high-readiness special operations unit part of Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM). CSOR is capable of conducting and enabling a broad range of missions, including direct action (DA), defense diplomacy and military assistance (DDMA), and special reconnaissance (SR).
As a member of the CSOR you have been given special privileges by the U.S government to cross the border freely. The CSOR will utilize SNIPERS, MEDICS, ASSAULT to complete their objectives.
The directive from both the U.S and Canadian government is as follows:
1. Recover all of the stolen assets and return them to the department of U.S treasury.
2. Eliminate targets in both factions who pose a threat to the objective





The Casper9 is a group of discharged SAD operatives. The Special Activities Division (SAD) is a division in the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) National Clandestine Service (NCS) responsible for covert operations known as “special activities”. In 2010 the SAD was involved in an Afghanistan mission that went south due to invalid intelligence. The CIA disavowed its involvement upon hearing that several civilians were listed as collateral damage in the post mission briefing. The SAD squad received word that “summary execution” was imminent so they decided to go “shadow born”. This was the the term used for their new life as unilateral operatives.
The Casper9 aligned itself with embedded training teams in Afghanistan for ‘off the grid’ travel back to the U.S. By providing classified intel to these ETT and Afghan freedom fighters they were given a transport and a crate of gold coins. Attempts to cross the U.S border from Canada were thwarted and the Casper9 were forced to enlist the help of local groups.
The Casper9 wants to complete the following objectives:
1. Find and eliminate the intelligence case located in the CIA hidden HQ. This case contains profiles of all of the ex SAD operatives and their locations.
2. Transport $30 million in gold coins into the U.S from the various caches along the Canadian border.
3. Eliminate all targets involved in thwarting the transport effort
The Casper9 utilizes SUPPORT, ASSAULT, MEDIC loadouts.




The FRINGE FIGHTERS are the most dangerous faction due to their reputation as “soldiers of fortune”. While their immediate partnership with the Casper9 group is solid, their reputation for eliminating unnecessary expenses is well documented. In 2012 the group known as the FRINGE FIGHTERS began searching for alternate sources of income as a result of the U.S governments campaign to further secure the U.S / Canadian border. In previous years the group was very heavily involved with assisting the transport of drugs from Canada into the U.S and on to Mexico. In 2013 the Casper9 promised 20% of the gold coin cache in return for safe transport into the U.S. The CSOR was able to intercept intel and blockade the BC border before the transport could take place. It is unknown whether the intel came from inside the FRINGE FIGHTERS own group as many reported. Currently the group is known to be protecting several asset caches along the border, awaiting for transfer instructions daily.
The FRINGE FIGHTERS objectives are as follows:
1. Protect all of 5 hidden asset locations from detection and seizure.
2. Eliminate CSOR operatives located near the border.
3. Align with Casper9 and assist with asset transfers.